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Are you having trouble with your electric or looking to save money?


Need service call:  260-557-5455

We love helping people in Auburn, Bluffton, Decatur, Ossian, New Haven, Fort Wayne, Huntertown, Roanoke, Warsaw, Woodburn, Yoder,  and surrounding areas. 



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When outlet, lights or switches  are not working or lights are flickering?  Give us a call! We can help you get things working again and do it safely.  We service the New Haven and all the surrounding area of Fort Wayne.

wires running through wall where door is


If you have opened up the walls and realize wires are traveling through the wall your moving or taking out, we can help rerouting wires. If your adding switches, lights or outlets we can help you get them where you need them. Give us a call. We are insured and licensed to pull permits in the areas of Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

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Panel upgrades

Do you have an older fuse panel or have problems with breakers constantly tripping? We can help take care of those problems and advise you on what the best solution would be for you and your home. Call us for help in New Haven, Yoder, Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

Construction Plans
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New Construction

Are you building a new home or adding an addition?   

We will wire things safely for your comfort and to the electrical code. We will do things right the first time so you can get the most out of your home. Give us a call.

We can also help you with hooking up your new pool or hot tub!


Have you had water or fire damage? Do you have burnt outlets, lights not working or a bath fan that has seen better days? We can help get things repaired or replaced and working again.

Vintage Fixture Sales

and Service

Do you love one of your old fixtures? Are you looking for that special fixture to make the room come together? We can fix or update your beloved chandelier, sconce or pendant lights, or you can choose from our selection of unique fixtures to create just the right ambience for your home.

Our Main Service Area

Our Service area includes: Albion, IN - Angola, IN - Ashley, IN - Auburn, IN - Bluffton, IN - Butler, IN - Churubusco, IN -Columbia City, IN - Decatur, IN -  Fort Wayne, IN - Garrett, IN - Harlan, IN - Huntertown, IN - Huntington, IN - Kendallville, IN - Leo-Cedarville, IN - Markle, IN - Monroeville, IN - New Haven, IN - Ossian, IN, - Roanoke, IN - Spencerville, IN - Woodburn, IN - Yoder, IN - Zanesville, IN and the communities in between.



In 1998 I started out in the alarm industry, working on many different systems, troubleshooting, installing and repairing. I installed phone lines in houses and connected to existing phone lines in businesses. I ran cable and installed cameras, even made some hidden cameras. I worked with access systems including keypads, tags, cards and software, troubleshooting the problems and adding additional cards or tags. I installed fire panels and tested sprinkler systems.

In 2003 I started working in the electrical field wiring up new, custom and spec houses to meet the needs and desires of the homeowners and make things as comfortable and convenient as possible while still maintaining the electrical codes.

In 2009 I started AAA Plus Electric Company LLC. I worked with water and fire restoration companies to repair damaged electrical systems and wiring, and to update old wiring as it was exposed. I enjoyed helping people get their house back to normal and making it safer for them to live in.

I have always enjoyed remodeling and assisting clients in making things as convenient as possible for their needs and desires. I am creative and can generally come up with a good solution to most problems. I really enjoy what I do, being able to help people fix problems they have with their electrical systems and to make things work and look great when I am finished. I inform people about things I see in their house that are unsafe or could  be potential problems. I believe a company needs to make a profit to succeed, but I believe in being fair and not taking of advantage of anyone, while still doing a professional job. I have always been upbeat and enjoy making new friends.

I am married to a wonderful and amazing wife and I have a daughter in her 20's. I believe a job or career gives you the means to provide for your family, but what is most important in life is our relationship with God, our family and others.

James Burke

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